Joseph Lee

I am creative practitioner with 20+ years of professional experience within the communications and media sector. I spent my career connecting audiences with entertainment brands and their content.  Four years ago I began to explore Mindfulness as a way of helping me cope with the increasing stresses of work and life.  It worked and I haven’t looked back.

My passion for Photography took hold about 10 years ago and it has now become my primary creative outlet.  My own Street Photography practice is an extension of my love of people watching.  I’m interested in the magic that reveals itself in these everyday comings and going’s. It never ceases to amaze how quickly these moments come to light when I step out with my camera.

I have recently graduated with an MA with Distinction in Socially Engaged Photography and am now seeking to align my years of experience with my personal values.  I want to share the power of creativity and photography with others. As Dorothea Lange said, “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”  There is so much truth in this and the ‘seeing’ she talks about has huge potential for helping us to understand our place in the world, tell our stories and, in turn, make us feel better.

That’s what The Mindful Photo Project is all about.

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Jill Whittingham MBACP ACCRED

Like many counsellors, a change in my own life introduced me to therapy and since qualifying in 2007, I have worked with individual and groups in a way that encourages people to explore their experiences and look at how they might make changes.  As part of my own self-care I have developed a love for meditation as well as several kinds of yoga (loving Kundalini!) and been on mindfulness courses and retreats which have had a huge impact on me both professionally and personally.

As a therapist and clinical supervisor, I began to look for new ways to work and quickly realised that by combining my passion for photography with a therapeutic angle, I could support people in a really different and creative way.  Using images to tell their story offers people another, sometimes more comfortable way to explore and understand.  

A mutual colleague spotted that we were on a similar path and arranged an introduction to Joe!  Our joint interests in photography and the stories behind images, combined with our belief in the power of mindfulness led to creation of The Mindful Photo Project. 

I am passionate about sharing how a photograph offers the perfect example of being in the moment, of being curious and really noticing what is around us.  Using a photograph to share not only what we are looking at but what we see. 

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