“Glove and sky making me feel complete solitude. A stillness, yet at one with the presence of someone’s glove.”

by Sarah

“I really do feel that I've seen the positive in the negative. The COVID situation has taken so much from so many people. One of those is social interaction, which this project has provided

by Terry

“Suddenly everything feels different when the sun shines, especially at this time of year.

by Deb


“It was a particularly friendly robin who let me come up close to take photos and seemed to be posing.”

“This tree is a magnificent example of how small and seemingly insignificant nodes, tips of twigs (via leaves when they have them), connect into something meaningful and powerful in the trunk of the tree and on into the earth.”

“Mindfulness to me is being able to hear or see the water. Gives a feeling of refreshment, feeling grounded and to just breathe.”

The walk was very mindful as I was constantly looking and noticing things I would never have noticed before. I w

ould never have looked in a puddle for a picture before.