What we do

Let’s face it, the routines and demands of modern life are pretty good at creating mental clutter. Some days it’s like a fire hose of chatter in the mind and it can be difficult to stem the flow. In the midst of this we tend to go about our daily business on autopilot and much of the magic and vividness of our world is out of sight.

The Mindful Photo Project is about breaking through the mental clutter and appreciating the contents of each moment just as we find them. It’s about cultivating a greater awareness and appreciation of the extraordinary in ordinary, breaking old habits and develop new ones. Our mindful photo tasks lay the foundations for a more receptive, appreciative and creative mindset.  With practice we begin to see our world through a different lens.

We have developed a flexible series of photographic assignments, delivered in a collaborative workshop-type environment. Each week the group is set a brief, which is a springboard for individual interpretation and creative exploration.  The tasks encourage mindful enquiry and an openness to the environment and one’s feelings about it.

Through the tasks we have an opportunity to connect to our everyday environment differently. We might begin to examine familiar objects or scenes differently, considering them in a new light. Seeing things we might otherwise miss. It is all about being open to inspiration that is all around us.  What we’ve found is that through this practice we begin to enjoy our photography more and we begin to enjoy our world more too.

Once we’ve taken our photos, it’s time to share them with the group. This is where the magic happens. It’s here that the stories are revealed and the insights come to light. The power of a photo to allow a person to share their own personal feelings and stories is truly eye opening.  This is how we connect, where we learn about our differences and what we have in common.

Put simply….

We take photos. We share stories. We connect.